You try so hard to ensnare the world in your flimsy claws.

But the world is not a chessboard,
and you are not a gamemaker.

Look in my eyes;
do you see yourself, or a mirror of who you want to be?
You are broken.
You want the world to see you are broken.
Haphazardly trying to hide the shards of your shattered existence when
all you want is for someone to put you back together.

Look in my eyes;
you want to be loved.
But wanting to be loved is weakness.
And maybe it’s the last piece of dignity you have left but
you shout to the empty air:

You. are. not. weak.
You are clever.
You are fearless.
You are bold. You are brave. You don’t give a shit.

You don’t need to rely on anyone.

But you do.

You rely on people like the sun won’t rise in the morning
and the stars won’t come out at night and you need
to be loved right now or so help me god you’re going to

You’re beautiful.
And I wish you knew that you’re beautiful, not because you’re broken,
but because you are.

But your bravery is paper.
And a clenched fist can only go so far.
Stop fooling yourself with
the belief that you’re in control
and let it crash

Look in my eyes;
I will never understand why you cling so tight to
that fantasy of omniscience I can see your knuckles turning white
Humanity is transparent.
So are you.

Look at me;
you are broken.
So is everyone else.

– “A –> Z”



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