It feels nice, I think,
the curve of the hilt against my undaunted grip;

albeit not as nice as when I thrust all nine inches of glinting steel through your chest.

A sigh escapes my lips–
It truly is orgasmic,
the sight of your blood bubbling under my shivering fingers.
Lifeless eyes wide with shock, with terror;
Oh, I’m so glad you opened your eyes.
I’m so glad your last memory is
of the smile on my face
before I take away the last few breaths
wasted on your existence.

Nothing, truly nothing is more melodious than the sound of steel repeatedly piercing through skin,
the wetness of flesh torn and ripped and molested,
the gurgling stickiness of the blood in contrast to the tightness of the gaping muscles and tissues–
I realize, then, that it is impossible to stop.
My consciousness fades in and out,
waves and waves of pleasure exploding with every thrust,
maniacal laughing mingling with the omnipresent slapping of blood-coated skin against blood-coated skin.

I have never felt excitement this raw.

The hypnotic red on my blade looks so delicious I almost take a lick,
but I hold back,
as I remember how your entire essence is a vial of poison;

Yet this once,
just once,
I will allow myself to bathe in your filth,

if it means it will be the last time.

– “Fatale”



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