Your rays clawed their way to my core;
To the dark,
The darkest part,
where no human could ever hope to reach.

You set me in motion.

I tried to turn away from
Your brightness,
but you locked me in place
with unabashed gaiety
your bare hands
reached out and
laid by the
shadows where
darkness meets

Over and over again,
I let myself be overwhelmed by the intensity in your eyes.

To indulge in something
that cannot be mine–
blasphemy, in every which way or line;
and yet your warmth
has intoxicated the ice
that thrived through my bones,
until the cold has dissolved into a memory
now only the night sky knows.

–But what right do I have to take light,
If I have no light to give.

And here I will stay.
In orbit.

In the end,
your warmth has never been mine to keep.


A feeble wish,

but maybe someday,
in a future not so far away,
the universe
might let the moon learn to accept the sun’s light,
instead of throwing it away.


– “The Sun and the Moon” — for Tsukishima Kei and Hinata Shouyou.



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