I’ve never liked organized firework events all that much.

But the kind of frenzied chaoticism on the streets on the dawn of a new year,
the kind when the world is lit up with clashing lights and sounds of varying voracity;

of hundreds of people clamoring to claim a piece of the sky for their own,

two seconds for a flash of color–

a shout into the void, maybe, or rather an instinct to mark a new start with their own tired hands–

to shout, if not louder, but brighter and longer and more insistent than everyone else.

And you, the observer,
basking in this ever-cycling pandemonium of reds and blues and golds,
clothed by the haze like you’re being enveloped by the very core of the earth….

It’s beautiful, you think.

Like the world will continue spinning,
and everything will continue with its natural course,

even with the looming of a new chapter of the unknown,

everything will be all right in the end.

– “Fireworks”


Manigong bagong taon to everyone! ❤


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