No, Thank You!!!: a visual novel review.


Written forty-six weeks ago, according to my Instagram. XD

You always have two options: do it, or don’t.

No, Thank You!!! took me roughly about a week to finish, but that’s because I only got to play it at night before I slept and a little in the afternoon, so it’s actually pretty short?

I won’t use the term plot-heavy to describe it because the plot is actually pretty straightforward once you’ve run through it in your first route. I’d probably go with information-heavy though, because sometimes it just throws a bunch of information at you all at once and sometimes my brain’s just not fast enough to process all of it. Halfway through I kind of forgot who Mimasaka and Shindo and Tojo were, and at one point I even forgot what Haru’s objective was even about.

I feel like they also tried too hard to make the game “sellable” (those pubic hair on/off and background h-vocals toggle options were a revelation) that they might have neglected to put a little more “meat” in the game. There was a shortage of CGs and sprites to go around that it was a little disappointing. That one random grandma character in Inui’s route got a sprite and yet Saito Taeko didn’t, even if she was a constant majorly minor character in all the routes.

However, what they lacked in meat they made up for that stellar voice acting, most specifically Haru’s. While the art was good (specially in Maki-chan’s route, the art there was specially nice), it’s Haru’s personality — and the way Furukawa Tetsuto nailed it to spine-shivering perfection — that drew me in. That blend of innocence, coyness, flippancy, mystery, and that little hint of suspiciousness was irresistible for me from the start. And of course, who can resist a full-on seme protagonist? That’s as rare as rare goes! One of the best visual novel protagonists I’ve ever played, period.

Overall, No, Thank You!!! was pretty nice. The Maki route even made me cry twice; it was the best route in terms of emotion, but of course I’m the only one who thinks so. There were no cannibalism and gore, little visual violence, and there were only two cases of rape: in the first one the rapist was plenty apologetic for his mistake, and in the second both of them were under drugs — which is, of course, still a bad thing, but given other games in the BL genre (and having just played Hadaka Shitsuji)…. yeah, not that bad at all.

So yes, I still had fun for a couple of nights and I don’t regret downloading this for a whole week at all. I give it a 7 out of 10. Would definitely play the sequel if they decide to make one, since they left quite a lot of things unresolved!



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