Don’t fall in love with a writer,
unless you want your essence to turn into poetry;

unless you want your blood to turn into the ink she will dip her pen into,
until your bloodstream is flowing with the metaphors she likes the most;

unless you want your tears to morph into rain,
dripping onto her blank piece of paper like watercolors swirling on an emotion-stained canvas;

unless you want your sweat to be the fuel,
to light up and set aflame the worlds she builds for herself.


Don’t fall in love with a writer,
because she will destroy you.
Piece by piece,
she will dismember all your incongruities
until you no longer have the ability, or the courage,
to recognize yourself in the mirror.

But she will put you back together.

Piece by piece.


And then you will look at yourself,
and you will never be the same person you were before.

You will be better.


Don’t fall in love with a writer,
because she will never be able to love you back.

Not at a hundred percent,
maybe not even at all.

Her love will always be sparse.

The words that mean the most to her
will always require a little more love,
a little more sacrifice,
than you.

They will consume her,
every bit as much as she wants to be consumed.

There will never be enough love to go around.

Not for you.
Not even for her.


Don’t fall in love with a writer,
because you will never truly understand her.

Not in the way her lines do,
when the thunder echoes in the distance, and the ink glides through paper.

She will always be a little too sad, a little too ecstatic.

You might never get the chance to see her cry,
but you will feel it;

It will be in the way she repeats her words,
over, and over, and over again,
or in the way she withholds the pronoun and uses your name like an exclamation mark.

You will never understand her,
but you will understand that you won’t need to,
as long as you can give her the comfort she will duly need,
on the dark nights when her words cannot.


Don’t fall in love with a writer,
not unless you are willing to fall in love with poetry;
because she, herself, is poetry.


It will be a long journey.
Along the way, she might drop her pen.

And when you hand it back to her,
when you learn that her words will always mean as much to her as you ever will–

that is when you know you have fallen in love with a writer.

– “Don’t Fall in Love With a Writer”



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