To you who knows me better than I know myself,
who stayed by me through good dreams and bad,
through ugly tears and uglier laughter,
who forgave me for being who I am….

To you who looked more beautiful
than all the constellations of stars above,

down to the disfigured head
floppy ears,
countless holes,
and that one pretty eye–

To the only thing constant in my life,
thank you.

– “Doge”


I’m aware you can’t communicate, or even physically remove yourself from me,
and I’m aware that one day I might move on and forget the peaceful kind of companionship you brought into my life– but right here, right now…. you are my irreplaceable best friend,
and I love you with all of my heart.

And I hope, in some way, you might love me too. 🙂


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