To Be Hero: an anime review.


I am writing this from the point of view of someone who dropped To Be Hero on the third episode. (Or to be more precise, somewhere along the middle of the fourth episode– but let’s not get into specifics.)

When I entered To Be Hero, I expected toilet humor and maybe a little action. What I got…. was a lot of toilet humor. So I’m telling you this now, if you’re not keen on watching an anime that talks about poop and literal toilets every five minutes, then just do yourself a favor and move on to the next comedy-action anime.

Our protagonist is the nameless Ossan (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou), your local DILF ikemen with toilet seat designing as a profession. Like what you’d expect, he’s a certified ass man that would make even the Chairman from Prison School proud — knowledgeable to the extent that he can identify a woman’s hip size from sight and toilet seat measurement experience alone. In a strange turn of events, he finds himself turned into a hero…. at the expense of losing his ikemen status, and turning into what I can only call a replica of a character straight from the Dirty Old Man genre of your favorite hentai doujin site. He even sounds like what I think a Dirty Old Man would sound like, thanks Tsudaken. The back-and-forth between ikemen Ossan and DOM Ossan, and the dissonance between what ikemen Ossan wants to say and what lecherous statements DOM Ossan actually ends up saying — which Tsudaken does a wonderful job at executing — are what I’d consider to be one most amusing parts of the series.

Next is Ossan’s daughter, Min (CV: Tsukino Moa), and let me just take this opportunity to comment on what a fantastic voice Tsukino-san has provided for Min-chan, specially noting that this is her first voice acting role! The voice suits Min-chan very well — aggressive, at times mellow, and with a unique tint; it caught my attention as soon as she spoke her first lines. Going back, Min is the typical tsundere yet responsible daughter character, a perfect complement to her irresponsible but caring father. I wasn’t that invested in the story to be touched yet, but the love and dependence for her father that she keeps hidden is what mostly drives the emotional tier of this series.

For the other characters that I’ve encountered, Yamada-san and the Prince, I feel I haven’t gotten to know them enough to form a proper opinion on them — except on how Yamada-san (CV: Aoyama Yutaka) is that flasher character whose entire purpose is to be perpetually (half-) naked and to lay down the dirtiest sexual punchlines that not even the main character can pull, and the Prince (CV: Sugita Tomokazu, Tanabe Rui), who is, well, who you’d call the antagonist…. if he was effective at antagonizing at all.

Now, the art. I see people talking about the art, but it really isn’t that bad. It’s not good, no, and there’s nothing particularly wow’ about it…. but its comic-y appearance is, though basic, interesting and polished enough to serve the story’s ridiculous premise well.

Why did I drop To Be Hero?

I think with all comedy anime, the main reason why people would drop them is when the comedy doesn’t fit right with them.

I’m a fan of dirty, sexual humor personally, so of course I like comedy anime with a good dose of filthy. But when To Be Hero said it would deliver toilet humor, deliver toilet humor it did — to the point when, personally, it ceased being funny and became straight-out disgusting instead. Maybe I’m just not the right audience for it, I agree, and I raise the white flag. But with comedy that doesn’t appeal to me in the way it should, and with the other facets (art, characters, story, and overall pull) being interesting but too mediocre to keep me roped in, I think my drop is, at the very least, justified.



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