October 31st is just around the corner;
Like with everything else,
I’d like to turn to poetry to celebrate.
I raise my pen,
And my mind churns out images of
Demons and clowns,
Estranged souls,
Children who were gone too soon,
Of monsters under the bed,
And monsters who lurk in our heads.
Looking at this blank piece of paper on this quiet, almost-winter night,
As the leaves on the tree outside are still, and the only sound comes from the whirring of the fan that drowns out everything else,
Has made me realize–
That there is still no greater fear
Than looking in a mirror,
And not seeing the person you used to be.

I put down my pen,
and go to sleep.

– “October 31st”


Ahem, this was written on the 30th of October, 2016– which was before I started this blog, so pardon the seasonal dissonance. XD



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