In solitude and sorrow, I sing this song,
My heart filled with hope that he would sing along,
A duet of the hurt and the forgiven,
A melody that would be heard all the way to heaven.

A sweet child, heart filled with innocence and happiness,
Her little world perfect in every aspect,
Only to have it ripped apart by the discovery
That her so-called perfect life was filled with betrayal and lies altogether.

A big bear hug, a sweet little kiss
Were the only good memories that were hers to keep.
Anger and pleading cries and tears spraying from every corner,
T’was the escapade that left a disorder.

Growing up was hard, yet coping with it all was even harder.
Like a knife that sliced my heart and left it bleeding.
It was done; nothing can remove the imprint it made.
“Adieu, mi père,” that’s all I can say.

– “Adieu, Mi Père”


An old poem from high school, probably the oldest poem I still have a copy of.


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